Friday, September 12, 2008

Marlins' Peavy Racking Up Wins

Miami (AP) - When the Marlins made Jake Peavy their #1 draft choice in the 2002 draft, they envisioned a power pitcher at the top of their rotation. These dreams have come true. Drafted 5th and after Carlos Zambrano (Twins), Mark Prior (Indians), Travis Haffner (Blue Jays) and Carl Crawford (Red Sox), Jake might have been the steal of the 2002 draft.

Peavy finished with a 13-13 record and a 4.61 ERA last season. But this year, Peavy has come out firing on all cyclinders: 5 starts, 5-0 record, 2.06 ERA and 42 K's in 38 innings. Jake has been a big contributor towards the Marlins fast 18-3 start.

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