Saturday, October 26, 2013

Astros' Hamilton Chasing League Records

Josh Hamilton is  chasing the record book.  Has an outside chance of a triple crown.  Leading in Average, tied for 2nd in HR (1 behind) and 4th in RBI (6 RBI behind).  Put some slow on base monsters in front of Hamilton for the final block to get him some more RBI chances.  In addition to it, letting him bat against lefties.  There in lies the rub.  His .383 batting average puts him in the running for the single season record for batting average as well.  If he got 40 ABs in the last 12 games he would need 18 hits to go to .388 to best Albert Pujols' record of .387 he set in 2003.  With batting against lefties probably won't happen.