Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Defending Champs Arizona Makes Big Trade

Arizona (AP) - In an effort to make this aging franchise's hopes at one more title a reality, the Arizona Diamondbacks today parted with one of their top offensive players. Magglio Ordonez was moved by management today after an injury maligned 2004 campaign. With Ordonez and Luis Gonzalez both troubled by injuries this season, the team decided it had to go out and make a drastic move to shore up the corner outfield slots, and Lew Ford and Jermaine Dye do just that. Ford is already slated to take over leadoff duties for the team and Dye, will add a much needed power presence in the middle of the Diamondback lineup.

The Diamondbacks also took the opportunity to shore up its bullpen by adding closer Eric Gagne. Since the career ending injury to Matt Mantei after the 2003 season, the Diamondback bullpen has struggled to fill the roll. Al Leiter was added to provide the Diamondbacks a #3 starter for the playoffs.

The details of the trade are as follows:

Diamondbacks trade Ordonez, Gload, Thomas and a #2 & #5 draft pick for Royals Ford, Dye, Leiter and Gagne. . . . .

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