Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pujols Looking For Championship Ring

Philadelphia (AP) - Albert Pujols led many hitting categories last year: Batting Average(.387), Hits (252), Doubles (67), and Slugging Pct (.754). Albert continued his batting assault this year as he led the league runs scored (141), Homers (56) and RBI's (154).

However, Pujols wants a championship. Last season, Pujols hit .387 in the Phils' Quarter-Final playoffs vs. Anaheim in a losing effort (Anaheim upset Philadelphia 4 games to 3). Pujols hit just .233 in the 2002 post season as Philly was knocked out by Arizona in the Semi-Finals.

This season, Phils skipper Rick Cornell has the Phils running on all cyclinders as they overtook Minnesota and St. Louis the final month of the season. And Pujols is ready to lead his team into the playoffs. Will this be the season?

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