Thursday, August 28, 2008

Upheaval in Philly

The season is still in it's infancy, but trouble is already abrewin' in Philadelphia.

After moving to a new stadium, oddly enough the manager had no idea his team was utilizing a DH this year. That left fans wondering if the GM had been clued in on this while assembling his squad for the season as line-ups were hurriedly scraped together.

Also, apparently chairs were thrown and tables dumped after a lackluster 5-7 road trip. 2 sweeps left the finicky and fanatical Philly fans puzzled and angry. Word from the front office is no player is safe and all are available. "Heads will roll" was overheard coming from the top brass.

The MSL season is off and running and will be as entertaining as ever so stay tuned.

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