Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Playoff Excitement

9 teams are battling for 8 playoff spots as the MSL season winds down. 4 more teams are on the edge and are mathematically still alive, but must have many variables all go there way.

The ultra competitive Aaron Division has 3 teams within 2 games of each other as Minnesota holds a 1 game lead over St. Louis and a 2 game edge over Philly. Florida and Arizona both have a league-leading 90 wins but must still finish strong to guarantee entry into the post-season.

Houston at 87 wins, Pittsburgh with 86 wins, Atlanta with 84 wins and San Fran with 83 are all weathering the pressure in an attempt to gain entry in the MSL post-season.

Good Luck to all owners and especially to our Commish. Great job as always John.

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