Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ichiro Paving The Way

Minnesota (AP) - Some good things are happening in Minnesota this season. The Twins, who have never finished above fourth place in the Aaron Division, seem poised to break out this year. Manager Bob Petersen has his squad playing at nearly a .600 clip with a record of 25-17. . . . ."Mr. Consistency", Ichiro Suzuki, is putting up some good numbers again this year with a .331 batting average. Ichiro was the second player taken in the 2001 draft (behind the Expos' selection of Pujols) - he has been a of consistency throughout his career fashioning a career .308 batting average. The Twins have improved themselves through the draft with players such as Beckett (2002), Matsui (2003) and LaRoche (2004). They also drafted Carlos Zambrano in 2002 and traded him to acquire Carlos Lee from Oakland. Add to that mix home grown players such as Santana and Ortiz and you can see why Minnesota is on the upswing.......

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